Cooking with kids

Cooking with kids

By Babysits
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Is it a flying visit or do you live in this beautiful country we call Italy? Would you like to know more about one of our best cultures? Check out this article to discover some amazing Italian cooking traditions for you and your kids!

Spending quality time with your children is really important, most of the time parents are extremely busy so a holiday is necessary to spend some quality time with your children. Therefore it is nice to create beautiful memories during your vacation. But how do you do this? Why not try something original by taking part in a cooking class!

If your family happens to be in Liguria, one of the most beautiful places in Italy, you should definitely join Anna’s cooking classes. All of your family can enjoy the experience of making delicious meals such as fresh pasta, focacce, pesto al mortaio and even baking some cookies.

Here we provide you 3 reasons why cooking with your kids is important:

1. Develop a sense of taste

Cooking helps your children to try different tastes, especially if they cook different types of food. They will discover all the different tastes because of this: sour, sweet and salty. This can also pave the way to making healthy food habits in the future!

2. Build self-confidence

It’s really important to teach this to your children, but sometimes it can be really hard! Taking part in a cooking class will teach them to be more independent; in these circumstances the child will be “alone” in doing his homework, but it will help to become more responsible.

3. Improve their creativity

You can think that cooking is mainly a manual job, but you need to be focused to make something good and tasty! If you think about the measurements of the ingredients, you have to use your math skills. Or if you take into account the difficult words of some recipes, you have to strengthen your vocabulary. Last but not least cooking is about creativity; you can, for example, make different shapes of the same food and have fun!

Cooking is the perfect activity for both parents and children, a way to learn Italian traditions and to spend quality time with your family. Embrace your Italian culture and make the best out of your holiday!