Tasty fruits and vegetables!

Tasty fruits and vegetables!

By Babysits, 4 min read


How do you make eating fruits and vegetables fun for kids? We decided to let our creativity run wild and create fruit and vegetable animals! Follow the steps below and try it out with the children in your life! This way, the kids will get to experience the colours, consistency, and shape of the fruits and vegetables quite differently and have a lot of fun with these healthy snacks!

Strawberry Butterflies 🦋

Let's start with the simplest: using a few strawberries, make these delicious, colorful butterflies in just a couple easy steps. You need strawberries, mint and ... that's it! Cut each strawberry from the bottom up to the green stem, without completely cutting through. Then just fold down the strawberries to form the wings, arrange on a plate, and add two mint sprigs to create the antennae of the butterflies.

butterflies made out of strawberries

Fruity Peacock 🦚

For this fruit peacock, you need grapes (preferably green, but if you have red grapes at home that's not a problem), blueberries, a pear, and a carrot. Cut the pear and the grapes in half vertically. Then, place half of the pear in the middle of the plate and arrange the grapes in a fan all around. Now you can spread the blueberries on the bunches of grapes to mimic the pattern of the peacock feathers. Finally, you have to carve a beak and two legs out of the carrot. This is best left for the grown ups, because it requires more delicate knife work. And there you have it! Arrange the legs and beak and you’re left with a wonderfully delicious, and healthy peacock.

fruit peacock

Rad-Fishes 🐠

To prepare these fishes, three different vegetables are needed: radishes, carrots, and cucumber. Depending on what the kids like best, you can use the different varieties interchangeably as the head, scales, and fins. Simply cut the vegetables into thin slices and arrange them on a plate. For the cute bubbles, we used halved blueberries!


Veggie Owl 🦉

This colorful, fruit and vegetable owl disguises all sorts of common vegetables. To create the head, we cut two pointed ears out of cucumber (using the peel) and made feathers by slicing an orange bell pepper into thin strips. Alternatively, baby carrots are also a great option to use as feathers. To create the big, nocturnal eyes, we had to cheat a bit: we filled the lids of two bottles with a little bit of sour cream and shaped the pupil with a thin slice of tomato. For the belly, we also used cucumber, this time cutting them into thin slices. Next comes the most important part of the bird: the wings. For this we arranged small cherry tomatoes and red bell pepper cut into strips. And now the owl can fly! Of course it also needs some feet to land on: you can easily prepare these with a few remaining bell pepper strips. Now, simply dip the vegetables in the sour cream and eat before the owl flies away!

fruit and vegetable owl

Let your creativity know no bounds! You can make many more animals from seasonal fruits and vegetables. Children can be great helpers and arrange the fruits and vegetables using their own imaginations. However, we recommend that you take over the tasks with the knife, for safety purposes. These animals help to activate and sensitize a child’s taste buds to various new flavors. They get to know the fruits and vegetables better and it gives them an enjoyable, enticing way to eat healthier. We wish you a lot of fun! PS: Feel free to share and don’t forget to tag us @Babysits on Instagram or Facebook if you're creating these cute little animals!