DIY Airplane

DIY Airplane

By Babysits
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Do you have an extra plastic water bottle lying around? A few pieces of construction paper? Then you can have a blast making this quick and easy airplane DIY for kids!

Prepare all the materials to build your airplane! You will need:

  • empty water bottle
  • colored paper
  • scissors
  • pen
  • Scotch tape

Then take paper and scissors to cut out the various parts of the plane, namely:

  • rudders
  • turbines
  • wings
  • elevators
  • propellers
  • windows

Here is an image to help you understand what the components of an airplane are!

creative recycling to be carried out with children

Join everything by attaching the various parts to the bottle.
Don't worry if you've missed a few steps! Here is a summary to help you complete the job:

DIY airplane

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